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          Matrine Tablets


          Matrine Tablets

          [Product name]Matrine Tablets
          Main component and chemical name of the product is oxymatrine.
          [Chemical structural formula]

          [Molecular formula]C15H4N2O2·H2O
          [Molecular weight]282.38
          [Property]This product is thin film thin coat tablet, after remove the thin coat, it is white or white like color.
          [Adaptive disease]Used for curing chronic hepatitis B.
          [Usage & Dosage]Take orally. For adult: 0.2g (2 tablets), 3 times each day; when necessary, each time take 0.3g (3 tablets).
          [Contraindication]Those who are allergic to this product, should not take it.
          ·  Please use this product under the doctor's instruction.
          Those who have the severe kidney incompetence are not suggested to use the product.
          ·Those people who have hepatic failure should use it cautiously 
          [Storage]ightproof, airproof, and store in cool shady place.
          [Packing]luminum plastic packing adding the complex film bag.
          [Expiry Date]2 Years.