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        1. Welcome to Jinan Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd!
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          1,Enterprise' principle:
          Develop Mingxin Pharmacy, Benefit the People's Health
          Drug is a special kind of merchandise concerning safty of people. Pharmaceutical production and management should base on "All for human health, all the services for patients",According to the needs of the pharmaceutical market, we adhere to the principle "quality first, satisfy customer needs", promoting pharmaceutical industry to escalate.
          Jinan Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is shouldering such a mission "Develop Mingxin Pharmacy, Benefit the People's Health", as the only objective, taking into account the requirements of development, and always considering the people health needs.

          2,Business orientation :
          Develop new drugs, promote replacement of products, and drive industrial upgrading.
          We have finished the transition from relying on generic drugs to developing new ones, from only selling self-produced raw material medicine to using self-produced raw materials to improve the sale proportion of finished products and competitiveness. We not only meet domestic demands of hundreds of millions of patients, but achieve the maximization of the international pharmaceutical marketing.

          3,Business purpose:
          Make good and new drugs, and serve thousands of families.
          A clear business purpose could accelerate product upgrading and enterprise development. Over the past twelve years, Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd solved business survival and asset replacement issues. The next twelve years, Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will follow "make good and new drugs, and serve thousands of families"as the purpose to achieve the take-off and new enterprise transformation, from one hundred million to one billion, from small pharmaceutical company to the large, from private company to public.

          4,Business philosophy:
          Enhance the quality, extend the market, improve the scientific and technology, and promote the development.
          Drug quality is the basic premise that our company is in an invincible position in the pharmaceutical industry. Adhering to the thinking "good medicine is not made by test, but by strict production and management ", we popularise quality first-class drugs to users and patients of different needs. Increaseing the input of scientific and technology, constantly manufacturing new drugs, Jinan Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will be a higher ,better, and farther enterprise.

          5, Enterprise management concept:
          Focus on management without practice favoritism, human sentient, management ruthless.